Everything new!

Hey there!

Welcome to the new website of your favorite co-op stealth platformer, Sneaksneak! As the observant among you may have noticed, the site isn’t done yet. Due to a possible soon to be made announcement we felt the time was right to start this baby up again and feed you guys bits of information on a more regular basis.

The more loyal followers have undoubtedly noticed a massive change in the game’s art style when looking at the header image. Sneaksneak has been (and still is) undergoing some major improvements these last couple of months. It will still be the same game you played at events at heart, but bigger and better. This is to say the game is still all about teamwork, stealth, perfect timing and yelling at each other at high volumes.

One exciting change Sneaksneak underwent was within the team. Having partnered up with MeinMein, Sneaksneak is no longer being developed by Frambosa alone. With these guys on board we dare dream bigger for Sneaksneak. The changes that come with bigger dreams are what we are currently working on. Unfortunately it requires the game to be build from scratch (again) and on the art side of things we’ve also had to start over and grow in a new direction, requiring new artists join our endeavor.

Like I said, we’ll be updating on a more regular basis so don’t go too far!


– Jonathan