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Sneaksneak is a two player cooperative platformer focused on teamwork and stealth. It is currently under development by Frambosa and MeinMein. The game is set to release in 2014.

Originally, Sneaksneak was a graduation project by Jonathan Barbosa Dijkstra and Daniel Harmsen. Their idea for the project was to make a truly enjoyable cooperative game in which players would often communicate with each other. After graduating Jonathan decided to develop the game further due to immense positive feedback from players and local industry professionals alike. For this he teamed up with MeinMein. Together they are now developing Sneaksneak for a 2014 release.

Never play alone! Sneaksneak is a two player cooperative game.
Be Sneaky! Only by remaining unseen will you survive!
Be swift! Observation, timing and speed are essential for your survival!

Awards & recognition
“Official Rezzed 2013 Leftfield Collection Showcase Selection” 22-23 June 2013
“A.Maze Indie Connect ‘The Most Amazing Indie Game 2013’ Nomination” 26 April 2013
“IGF Awards 2013 Honourable Mention for Student Showcase” 27 March 2013
“Official INDIGO San Francisco 2013 Showcase Selection” 25-30 March 2013
“Official Playful Arts Festival 2012 Showcase Selection” 14-16 December 2012
“Best Student Game at the 2012 Dutch Game Awards” 22 November 2012
“Official INDIGO 2012 Showcase Selection” 28 September 2012

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Sneaksneak Facebook

Sneaksneak credits
Jonathan Barbosa Dijkstra
– Game designer

Meindert Kamphuis
– Game designer, Art director

Gerbrand Kamphuis
– Programmer

Roy Nathan de Groot
– Character artist, Animator

Daniel Joustra
– Environment concept artist

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Frambosa is a independent game studio based in Amsterdam founded by Jonathan Barbosa Dijkstra. Together with handpicked talented individuals, Frambosa sets off to develop fresh, juicy and passionately hand-squeezed games.

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The ability to grasp the information entering our brain is essential to our existence. It is therefore important to better understand and improve upon our intellect. Artificial intelligence can give us a better understanding of the brain and accelerate scientific research. This is why MeinMein focuses on creating intelligence.